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Integrated products

High Frequency (13,56Mhz)

Ultra-High Frequency (866Mhz)

iButton sensors (contact)


RFIDEA Products

Magnetic Identification (through metal)

Objects Network (mesh)

Startag (long-range active tag)


Ultra-High Frequency

UHF RFID tags are commonly used commercially to track cases, pallets, and shipping containers, trucks and trailers in shipping yards. It's the common technology used in open chain logistic projects like Wal-mart, Tesco or the US Department of Defence.

You'll find below some examples of our products. We have tags and readers adapted to each and every situation!



Logistic tag

These general-purpose tags are usually used for pallets, cardboard boxes and containers. Its low price and good performance makes it the ideal solution for logistics. Different standards, classes, chip and antennas exist...

Label tag

A label tag is simply a logistic tag embedded into a printable label. They are used with RFID printers in logistics and can receive a barcode from their unique identifier. Some labels are specifically designed for metal (like the flag tag).

Encapsulated Tags

Encapsulated RFID tags are specifically packaged to be used in applications requiring a high resistance to mechanical and environmental stresses. They can also work when placed on the surface of a metallic surface.





Long-range reader

The Alien ALR-8800 was built for optimal Gen 2 performance in the European regulatory environment.  It is fully compliant with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) EN 302-208 specifications.  Based on the popular 915 MHz ALR-9800 used in the United States and Asia, the new ALR-8800 delivers high-performance EPC Gen 2 RFID solutions across the European Union.


Paddle Reader

The Psion Teklogix RFID Paddle Reader adds a new dimension to inventory management in the supply chain. With a rugged industrial design specifically for harsh environments, this RFID reader provides new track and trace options for your warehouse or logistic operations.

Mobile Reader

The WORKABOUT PRO is a flexible, programmable and expandable rugged hand-held design for a range of data collection needs. The WORKABOUT PRO delivers the performance, ruggedness and durability required for mobile data collection in an ergonomic package. It is available in RFID/Barcode configuration

RFID / Barcode printer

The Toshiba TEC SX4 provides superb reliability and performance at an incredibly low cost of ownership. Constructed from heavy-duty steel, the TEC SX4 is ideally suited to any high output application. The printer is able to program the tag and reproduce the tag ID in the form of a Barcode on the label


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